Celina Hissa
— Creative Director + Founder

Celina, brand creator, is a designer and mastered in Social Communication at Universidade Federal do Ceará. On her dissertation she made a research about collective production methods starting from the work of art groups in Fortaleza. She develops work investigations over Brazilian handicraft, some through art exhibitions, design and so on.

She is the head of this brand since the beginning, 12 years ago, after passing through advertising agencies and after working with design, being awarded with nationally important prizes.

In 2013, Celina also worked in a partnership with artist Ana Maria Tavares in the Natural-Natural Project, signing together 4 art pieces exhibited in Museu de Arte Contemporânea do Dragão do Mar (Fortaleza, 2013). The process of creation and production of the pieces demanded 8 months of continuous work of the artisans. This project gathered more than 20 artisans in several cities and working with different topologies from Ceará. The art pieces, after exhibited in Fortaleza, were also presented on Museu da Vale (Vitória- ES); Exposição de Houston (EUA), at Sicardi Gallery : “Euryale Amazonica” (2014) ; Exposição do Museu da Vale – Vitória – ES: “Atlântica Moderna: Purus e Negros” (2014), among others.

In 2015 she released with Lívia Salomoni the FIA {Oficina de Artesãs} project.

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