Social impact + Transparency

{Sustainability Award on Social Impact - Vogue Brasil -2015} {Brazil Design Award 2016}

Catarina Mina's bags are about people - inside every crocheted piece is a 'thank you' card, signed by the artisan who made the piece weaving both their love and personal stories into each item. 
It also comes with a QR code where you can look up more about the history of the artisan who made it.

CM made its production and costs fully transparent to her customers, so that before the bags reached their hands, they knew that their purses had been touched by many hands, not only who conceived their designs, but also the artisans who knitted, the seamstresses who added the finishing touches - the assistants who quality controlled and packed - therefore making every person along the chain equally important and they were also receiving an effective share of the Company's incomes. 

This initiative brought the clients closer to the business, which was leading a revolution in sustainable practices and for which it was awarded in 2015 the Vogue Brasil/Ecoera prize and in 2016 the 3M Brasil Design Award.

"The purpose of the Brand is mostly abput social impact for more than 300 artisans in Ceará - Brazil"


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